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Automotive Tools Price List


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Charger, Battery

chargerbat 10.00

Coil Spring Compressor (inside)

spring compinside 15.00

Coil Spring Compressor (outside)

springcompout 15.00

Come a Long, 2 Ton Heavy Duty

comealong 19.00

Compressor, Valve Spring

compressor valve spring  6.00

Expander, Exhaust Small


Expander, Exhaust Large

pipeexpander  8.00

Fork, Ball Joint


Fork, Pitman Arm

pitman arm  5.00

Grinder, Electric 4 ½” Disc

grinder sm 16.00

Grinder, Electric 7” Disc

grinder lg 23.00

Hoist, Engine 1500 lb.

EngineHoist 37.00

Jack, Bottle 20 Ton

jack bottle 14.00

Jack, Car Service 2 Ton

jack serv 24.00

Jack, Car Transmission ¼ Ton

jack trans 38.00

Pipe Flaring Tool Brake Line

pipe flar  8.00

Polisher, 7” Auto Buffer

polisher7 18.00

Press, Ball Joint

press ball 20.00

Puller, Axle Slide Hammer Type

puller slide 15.00

Puller, Bearing Slide Hammer

puller slid bear 12.00

Puller, Harmonic Balance Lg.

puller hamon  8.00

Puller, Harmonic Balance Sm.


Puller, Steering Wheel

puller sterr  8.00

Puller, 2 or 3 Jaw 8”

puller three  8.00

Puller, 2 Jaw 15” Hub

puller lg 19.00

Socket Set, Lg. ¾ to 2”

socketset 14.00

Sockets For Axle Removal Asst. Sizes for Car and Truck

socket axl  8.00

Sprayer, Air Cup Gun

sprayer cup 17.00

Welder, 150 Amp Mig w/ Wire and Gas

welder mig118.00

Wrench, Torque

wrench torq 15.00


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