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Floor Care, Installing and Reconditioning Price List


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Item Description
Price Per Day
Blower, Ventilation Hi Out Put,
Use this  blower to remove bad air in homes and construction sites 
images 35.00
Blower,  30 Foot Hose for Air Ventilator
Blower, Rug Drying Hi Out Put
blowercarpet 29.00
Carpet Cutters / razor
Carpet Cleaners 4 Gal. With Scrub Brush Commercial Grade
cleaner carpet 39.00
Carpet Kicker /Knee Stretcher
carpetkick 14.00
Iron, Seaming  For Heating Carpet Seaming Tape 
carpetseam 22.00
Nailer, Hard Wood Manual
nailflrman 25.00
Nailer, Hard Wood Air 2” Nails
nailer floor air 44.00
Nailer, Hard Wood Air 2” Staples
Nailer, Sub Flooring Staples Air
nailersm 26.00
Polisher, Wood and Tile 13”
Polisher, Wood and Tile 17”
Polisher, Wood and Tile 18”
polisher floor 37.00
Polisher, Attachment/Carbide Paint Stripper
Roller, Tile and Linoleum 90 lbs.
rollerflr 21.00


Sander, Refinisher High Speed
Does a nice job refinishing wood floors. This machine is easy to use Very user friendly!
sander.jpg 49.00
Sander, Floor Edger
sander, edger 31.00
Sander, Floor Drum 8”
sanderfloor 41.00
Saw, Diamond Tile Wet 7”
sawtilesm 49.00
Saw, Diamond Tile Wet 10”
sawtilelg 77.00
Saw, Diamond Brick Cutting 10”
Saw, Baseboard Toe Kick
sawtoekick 24.00
Saw, Door Jam
sawdoorjam 30.00
Saw, 10”miter used for base boards and cutting trim work
Saw, 12”miter used for base boards and cutting trim work angle cuts are so perfect you could make a picture frame.
This sliding compound miter saw is designed to make smooth, accurate cuts in larger work pieces - up to 13-3/8 in. wide. The laser guide makes it easy to cut wood precisely with this compound miter saw.
Stripper, Tile and Rug Remover.
Removes glued down carpet and vinyl or linoleum.
Blades for the machine are an extra charge depending on which one you need. 
ddddddd.bmp 65.00
Vacuum, 12 Gal. 2 ½ Hp. Wet/Dry
vac12gal 30.00
Vacuum, Upright Industrial
vacupright 20.00
Wedge, Carpet Installing Tool

We understand that it's good equipment and customer service that makes the difference.

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