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Landscaping, Yard and Garden Equipment Price List.

Price List contains only the most popular items, if you don't see it, please call us.

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Item Description

Price Per Day

Aerator, Self Propelled Coring with Easy Lift Tines from Billygoat. Very User Friendly!




Auger, One Man Heavy Duty Hydraulic 9” to 12” Drill. Gas 8 HP. Motor. This machine has forward and reverse gears.




Auger, Two Man 9” to 12”

5 Hp. Honda Engine.

twoman.jpg 68.00        

Blower, Backpack Gas. Two cycle gas engine. We supply the fuel.

blowerbackpac 42.00

Blower, Handheld Gas. Two cycle gas engine. We supply the fuel.

blower hand.jpg 25.00

Blower, Walk Behind 5 Hp. Very strong blower made by Billygoat.


billy blower.jpg 46.00

Blower, Walk Behind 8 Hp. Our, unit is made by Little Wonder Company.


blower 53.00 

Broom Gas  powered Hand Held Great cleaning up driveways and Walk Ways. Two cycle engine. We supply the gas.


Brushcutter, With New 9” Steel Blade, Cuts up to 4”  Tree. Two cycle engine. We supply the gas.

brushcut 66.00 

Chipper, Brush and Limbs to 6” Diameter Tow Behind. Self feeding unit made by Bandit.


Cutter, Sod 18” Self Propelled. Cuts thru turf very fast. Great for stripping away dead or sick lawns.

sodcutter 90.00 

Digger, Post Hole Manuel


diger hand.jpg 10.00

Dingo Track Loader TX420 With Dirt Bucket 47” Wide Dirt Bucket, Bucket has a ½ Yard Capacity With Tracks it won’t tear up your lawn. Lifts 450 Lbs  This is a Ride on model.


Dingo Track Loader Tx413 With Dirt Bucket 33” Wide to Get in Tight Places! Having rubber tracks it will not ruin your lawn. Lifts 400 lbs.


Dingo Attachments


Augers, Hydraulic, Sizes From 9” to 24”  Digging holes for fence post, foundation posts, or for planting small trees or shrubs.

dingo 60.00

Forks, Pallet

dingo forks.jpg 25.00

Dirt Spreader. Level out soil very fast. Makes small jobs of spreading loom.


dingo dirt spreader.jpg 25.00

Trencher, 2’ Deep / 4” Wide Hydraulic with forward and reverse.


dingotench 60.00 

Edger, Lawn  3 Hp. Gas motor. Great for edging flower beds an gardens.

Great for installing Electronic Dog Fences.

edger lawn.jpg 34.00

Grinder, Stump 9 Hp. Unit has an eight inch carbide grinding wheel. Great for most jobs and small enough to load in a truck.

Stump Grinder.jpg112.00 

Mower, 21” Mulching or Bagging Gas. 7 HP. You can use it with or without bagger.


lawn mower.jpg 36.00

Mower, 21” Bagging Self Propelled  Gas. 7 HP.

You can use it with or without bagger.



61fHONrb2jL 41.00

Mower, High Grass and Brush Cutter.  11 Hp. Billy Goat. Unit is self propelled with ten inch all terrain tires. Cuts thru High Grass and up to 1” Saplings .

mowerhigrass 89.00 

Pick Axe


Pruning Saw, Tree 12 Ft. Hand

pruner 13.00


Rake, Landscaping 42”



Roller, Lawn 30”


lawn roller.jpg 15.00

Saw, Chain 16” Electric


chainsaw elec.jpg 39.00


Saw, Chain 20” Gas. Saw made by Husky and runs on two cycle gas. We supply the gas and bar oil.

chainsaw large.jpg 60.00 

Slice Seeder,. This unit is used to over seed lawns that have thinning lawns or bare  spots on semi level lawns

1billy-goat-overseeder.jpg 70.00

Spreader, Drop Fertilizer

speaderdrop.jpg 10.00

Spreader, Cyclone Fertilizer

spreader cyclone.jpg 10.00


Splitter, Log Tow Behind 27 Ton Gas Powered “Vertical” This splitter is fast! 19 second split and return!

log splitter 91.00

Trencher, Gas 12” Deep 3” Wide Great for installing irrigation lines.


Trencher, Gas 18” Deep 3” Wide Cuts deep enough to run electrical lines underground.

trencher hog115.00 

Thatcher, 18”  Use this equipment to pull up all the dead grass that dies every year. Thatch will rob your lawn from water and fertilizers. 



thatcher sm.jpg 49.00

Thatcher, 20”  Power Rake Use this equipment to pull up all the dead grass that dies every year. Thatch will rob your lawn from water and fertilizers. 


                CLASSEN TR20.gif

Thatcher, 22” Bluebird Power Rake w/Bag Works well on medium amount of thatch, it is not good on heavy thatch.

thatchbag 60.00

Tiller,  The Mantis!!! Great for small gardens and making flower beds. Light weight and easy to use!

mantis.jpg 39.00                

Tiller, Med. 5HP. Good for medium size gardens or small yard tilling.

tikkk.jpg 48.00

Tiller, Rear Rotating Tines Self Propelled. Great for large gardens or lawn areas but you want a machine that will do most of the work.




Trimmer, Hedge 16” Electric

hedge trimmer elect.jpg 21.00

Trimmer, Hedge 30” Electric


hedge trim lgimages.jpg 27.00

Trimmer, Hedge 30” Gas. Unit runs on two cycle gas which we supply!

trimmer 34.00 

Vacuum, Lawn W/ Bag This unit only picks up leaves, maybe some dry pine needles.

lawnvac 55.00 



wheelbarro.jpg 15.00

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