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Power Tools Price List:

These are only are most popular rental items, if you can't find

an item you need please call us, we'll have it and have it right!



Drill, 3/8 Electric

Description: drill small 9.00

Drill, Electric

Description: drill large18.00

Drill, : Right angle heavy duty two handled drill


20.00Description: drillges.jpg

Drill, Hammer Electric

Description: drill hammer26.00

Drill, Cement Coring Handheld.

Description: drill hand coring68.00

Drill, Cement Coring Rig w/ Suction Base.

Description: drill coring lg115.00

Drill, Coring Bits are Extra

Description: drill coring bits

Gun, Drywall Screw

Description: gun screw15.00

Gun, Low Velocity Cement Nailer

Description: gun stud31.00

Grinder, 4 Metal Disc

Description: grinder sm16.00

Grinder, 7 Metal or Cement

Description: grinder lg23.00

Hammer, Large Rotary

Description: breaker 6560.00


Hammer, Large Breaker 65 Lb

Description: breaker 65.jpg85.00

Planer, Power Wood 3

Description: planer27.00

Polisher, 7 Direct Drive

Description: polisher718.00

Router, Heavy Duty Electric

Description: sander belt19.00

Sander, Belt 3 x 21

20.00Description: sander disc sm

Sander, Disc 5

Description: sander paint12.00

Sander, Clap Board 6 Paint

Description: sander disc lg19.00

Sander, Disc 7

Description: sander drywall17.00


Sander, Dustless Drywall w/Vacuum

Description: sander hand48.00


Sander, 4 x 4 Vibrating


Sander, 4 x 11 Vibrating

Description: saw circula15.00

Saw, Circular

Description: saw compound13.00

Saw, Compound Miter 10 Saw Blade Included!

Description: saw cutoff elec26.00

Saw, Compound Miter 12 Blade * Laser cutting guide for super-accurate cuts * Also can be used as a sliding saw. * Cutting capacity: 12-3/4'' x 4'' @ 90, 12-3/4'' x 1-15/16'' @ 45

Description: saw91852.gif36.00

Saw, Electric Cutoff 12

Description: saw jig59.00

Saw, Jig or Saber Electric

Description: saw table13.00

Saw, Table 10

Description: sawtilesm30.00


Saw, Tile Diamond 7 Blade

Description: sawtilelg49.00

Saw, Tile Diamond 10 Blade

Description: sawbrick77.00

Saw, Brick or Block Diamond 10 Blade

Description: sawbrick.jpg107.00

Saw, Reciprocating Sawsall

Description: sawdoorjam21.00

Saw, Door Jam

Description: sawtoekick30.00

Saw, Sub Floor Toe Kick

Description: wrench impact34.00

Wrench, Impact Electric 225#


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