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Ladders, Painting and Wallpaper Price List:

These are only the most popular items we carry. If you can't find an item

you need, please call us.  We take reservation right over the phone!



Bracket, For Roof Plank

braket roof  1.00

Compressor, 2 Hp. Electric Small Holding Tank

compressor sm 39.00

Compressor, 2 Hp. Electric Large Holding Tank

compressor lg 45.00

Drywall Jack, w/ Tilt 11’

jack drywall 37.00

Drywall Jack, w/ Tilt 16’

jack dry 16 47.00

Gun,  Heat Paint Stripping

heat gun 11.00

Ladder, 8 Ft. Step Alum.

ladder step 8 16.00

Ladder, 12 Ft. Step Alum.

ladder step 12 25.00

Ladder, 9 Ft. Stairway Alum.

ladder little giant 35.00

Ladder, 24 Ft. Extension Alum


Ladder, 32 Ft. Extension Alum


Ladder, 40 Ft. Extension Alum

ladder extension 39.00

Ladder, 40 Ft. Ext. Fiberglass

ladder fiberglass 39.00


Siding Brake 10’ Aluminum

brake siding 69.00

Sprayer, Air Cup Gun

sprayer cup 17.00

Sprayer, Large Airless

sprayer lg airless 79.00

Sprayer, Texture Ceiling w/ Compressor

sprayer texude 49.00

Stabilizer, Ladder Attachment

ladder stablizer  5.00

Staging, We Have a Large Selection of All Types

stagingPlease Call

For Pricing

Staging, Stairway Bakers’

staging stairway 39.00

Steamer, Electric Wallpaper

steamer wallpaper 25.00

Sander, Clap Board 6”

sander paint 19.00

Sander, Drywall Dustless w/Vacuum

sander drywall 48.00


Washer, Cold Water 2500 PSI

washer 2000 64.00

Washer, Cold Water 3000 PSI

washer 3000 78.00

Washer, Cold Water 3500 PSI

washer 3500 85.00


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