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Moving and Loading Equipment Price List:

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Carrier, Bike Holds 3 Bikes

bike rack sm 8.00

Carrier, Bike Holds 4 Bikes 2 Receiver Hitch Type

bike rack rec10.00

Come Along, 2 Ton Heavy Duty


Dolly, Appliance w/Stair Rollers

dolly appliance21.00

Dolly, Desk

dolly desk16.00

Dolly, Four Wheel Flat 650 lbs.

dolly four wheel 11.00

Dolly, Piano Two Part w/ Straps

dolly paino28.00

Dolly, Push Four Swivel Wheel

dolly cart17.00

Dolly, Two Wheel for Boxes

dolly two wheel11.00

Hitch, Slide In 2 Receiver

hitch receiver10.00

Hitch, Temp. Bumper w/ Hooks

hitch temp16.00

Hoist, Engine 1500 lb.


Jack, Hydraulic 20 Ton

jack bottle14.00

Pallet Jack 2 Ton

jack pallet55.00

Pads, Moving 5 x 5

moving pad 2.00

Ramp, Loading 10

ramp loading20.00

Tow Dolly, Two Wheel Car

dolly car65.00


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