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Carpenter Tools' Price List

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Brake, Siding 10’ Aluminum

brake siding 69.00

Clamps, Wood 36”

clamp  6.00

Cutter, Ceramic 4”

cutter tile 13.00

Cutter, Ceramic 10”


Cutter, Floor/ Vinyl 12”

cutter vinyl 15.00

Cutter, Slate Scissor Type


Float, Bull Cement 48” x 18’

float bull 23.00

Hammer, Sledge 12 lb.


Jack, Drywall w/Tilt 11’

jack drywall 42.00

Jack, Drywall w/Tilt 16’

jack dry 16 52.00

Jack, 20 Ton Bottle Jack

jack bottle 14.00

Jack, 20 Ton Screw Type

jack screw 12.00

Level, Laser 200’ Automatic Lever 200’ Range Self leveling

level lazer 54.00

Lights, Two 500 Watt Work 18.00

lights work 18.00

Nailer, Finish Air

nailersm 36.00

Nailer, Finish/ Under Lament Air

nailer under 26.00

Nailer, Floor Manuel 2”nails

nailflrman 25.00

Nailer, Floor Air 2”nails

nailer floor stapler 44.00

Nailer, Floor Staple 2”staples

nailer floor air 44.00

Nailer, Framing

nailer framming 44.00

Nailer, Roofing Air

nailer roof 44.00

Plane, Power Block Elec.

planer 27.00

Router, Heavy Duty Ό” Shank

router 19.00

Sander, Belt 3” x 21”

sander belt 23.00

Sander, Clapboard 6”

sander paint 19.00

Sander, Disc 5”

sander disc sm 13.00

Sander, Disc 7”

sander disc lg 18.00

Sander, Floor Edger

sander, edger 40.00

Sander, Floor Drum 8”

sanderfloor 50.00

Sander, Floor Works great for refinishing wood floors.


sander.jpg 60.00

Sander, Small Vibrating


Sander, Large Vibrating 4” x 11”


sander hand 15.00

Sander, Dustless Drywall w/ Vac 45.00

sander drywall 55.00

Saw, Base Board or Sub Floor

sawtoekick 24.00

Saw, Base Board or Door Jam

sawdoorjam 39.00

Saw, Circular 7”

saw circula 13.00

Saw, Compound Miter 10”

saw compound 26.00

Saw, Compound Miter 12”

This sliding compound miter saw is designed to make smooth, accurate cuts in larger work pieces - up to 13-3/8 in. wide. The laser guide makes it easy to cut wood precisely with this compound miter saw.


12 saw.jpg40.00

Saw,  Saber or Jig

saw jig 13.00

Saw, Sawsall Reciprocating

saw sawall 21.00

Sprayer, Texture Ceiling


Sprayer, Compressor for Sprayer

sprayer texude 28.00

Stapler, Manuel


Stapler, Electric

stapler elec 13.00

Stapler, Electric Carpet

stapler carpet 17.00

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